Distance Healing by Source Healing

distance healing by source healing


The History of the Source Healing Course

I launched the first Source Healing Course site on the 22 of February 2010.   I built the site using the NING network. 

The NING network worked well for a few years but, as the course evolved, the need for a more personalised, educationally friendly, dynamic and secure site became increasingly obvious.  

Consequently, on the 4th of January, 2019 I started building the new site and registered the domain name source-healing.org.

On the 25th of August 2019, I launched the new source-healing.org site.  Shortly after all the members migrated successfully to their new home.

The Source Healing Course is now self-hosted and completely independent. 


The purpose of the Source Healing Website

The Source Healing website complements and supplements the distance healing and self-healing learning activities provided in the Source Healing Network.  

The Source Healing Network is a highly interactive and fun place dedicated to people who wish to learn and practise the Source Healing Techniques to help others. It is not a social club, forum for debate or for promotion of other healing techniques or religious beliefs.

Healing Meditation (Highly Recommended.  Perform this process at 8 pm, your time, every evening or before retiring.)


The Source Healing method

The Source Healing method is extremely simple and can be carried out in less than 10 minutes. Source Healing does not involve physical contact and is a perfect medium for distant healing. Face-to-face healing is also effective.

All Source Healing Members are aware that they are merely observing the healing process and that Higher Intelligence and its agents are actually performing the healing.

Most people who experience a free healing session (and also those who attend the training) attest that they are able to witness certain physical sensations (sweet perfumes, a feeling of warmth and comfort, an overwhelming feeling of love etc).

Others feel a loving and strong presence around them and other sensory activities such as being lovingly held by the hands.

Source Healing does not need to be confined to matters relating to health.  Indeed, those who have experienced healings consistently report considerable benefits in all areas of their lives including improvement to their relationships and a new zest for life.

Therefore, even if you enjoy perfect health, this is a very good thing to experience.

Source Healing is not based on Reiki, The Reconnection®, Qi-Gong, Energy Healing, Faith Healing, Spiritual Healing, Prana Healing or any other modality.



Source Healing is not about religion

At the core of Source Healing is the presence of a Higher Intelligence. This Higher Intelligence is also referred to as Source Energy or the Creator. The course is based on the premise that no one really knows the real identity of Higher Intelligence.

Indeed, if the identity of Higher Intelligence had been clearly revealed in the past, there would not be the need for a multitude of religions all claiming to be the right one, warring and slaughtering one another,

The concept of “Divinity” is not supported at Source Healing. The concept of gods, goddesses, flying wizards and levitating supermen are not supported here.

Source Healing teaches that there is a Higher Intelligence that is at the core of all that exists. We also know that this intelligence is benevolent and friendly towards us.

Loving terms such as “Father”, “Giver of Life”, “Lord” and even “God” are used at Source Healing to address Higher Intelligence within.

However, all members of Source Healing are perfectly aware that, when addressing Higher Intelligence in this manner, they are not addressing an external “divinity”.

All members of Source Healing are aware that they are all expressions of Higher Intelligence on earth–each of them being a drop of the ocean of Light.  Therefore, there is no worshipping of people, gods, or idols at Source Healing.

Source Healing teaches that the human race is the result of a carefully planned and intelligent intervention from a Higher Intelligence and that the behaviour of each individual is solely based on their level of evolution.

That is to say, those who are lowly evolved behave differently from those who are more highly evolved.

The easiest method to determine one’s level of evolution is to examine one’s actions and feelings.

Those who feel an affinity with, love and respect for creation; those who are generous, giving and unselfish; those who care for animals and mother earth may consider themselves to be more evolved than those who do not.

Under this premise, the concept of “good and evil” is nonsensical.

Source Healing maintains that there are only different levels of evolution and that those human beings who are more evolved are charged with the responsibility to guide, protect and assist those who are less evolved for the benefit of all that is.


Source Healing is available free of charge

All activities, resources and services offered by us and by the healers trained by us will be free of charge.  There are no organisations to join or creeds to follow.

  • All lessons are delivered digitally via distance education so do not require physical attendance.
  • There are no gurus, masters, or Grand Poobahs to worship and follow. This is DEFINITELY not a people-worshipping environment.
  • The Source Healing Network is available to all people of goodwill, irrespective of colour, nationality, social status or creed.
  • Admission is free.  All applications are subject to approval and to vacancies being available.
  • Members are expected to respect the focus of the network and to treat each other lovingly and with respect.
  • There is no scope for the promotion of commercial activities, religions and other healing methods.  The only acceptable intent for joining the Source Healing Network is to learn and practice Source Healing and to interact with other members in a supportive and loving environment.


Is Source Healing for you?

Are you open-minded about all creeds and religions, accepting them all as equally worthy and necessary for the evolution of mankind?

Do you feel a natural affinity and love towards the Creator, creation, animals and mother earth?

Do you find it difficult to feel intense hate against anyone, including those who have harmed you?

Are you willing to accept new ideas provided they can be proven and validated with factual evidence?

Are you willing and able to dedicate time to the course and to complete the daily assignments provided?

  • Are you able to be part of a group without the need to overpower, preach or display your knowledge?
  • Are you willing to keep your ego in check and be respectful towards other members of the course?
  • Are you willing to always communicate with other members in a positive and supportive manner?
  • Have you placed a request for a healing and experienced a favourable outcome?



  • Delusional-type personalities will not benefit from this course — please do not apply for membership.
  • Bigoted, militant and aggressive-type personalities are not welcome at Source Healing. We have zero-tolerance for divisive, manipulative, domineering and aggressive personalities.
  • Source Healing is not a social network–it is a school. If you are given access to the site you will be required to commence studying the course and be an active member of the program.
  • Our resources are totally dedicated to people of goodwill who wish to learn Source Healing to help themselves and others.
  • There are no provisions for occult practices at Source Healing.
  • If you are practising channelling, trance practises or any other activity where you allow energies to control your mind and body — please do not apply.
  • If you are a patronising, condescending, manager-of-the-universe type of person who is in desperate need for other people’s attention and approval — please do not apply.
  • If you are a compulsive advice-giver and sincerely believe you are wiser and more knowledgeable than other people — please do not apply.


At Source Healing, members are perfectly aware that they are no better nor worse than anyone else.

Our members know that they are all travellers on the path, each with specific skills and intentions.

Moreover, Source Healing Members are mindful of the effects that their actions and posts have on the well-being of other members and on the collective energy of the site.

Source Healing is not a place for debate and discussion of your beliefs, creeds, spiritual practices and experiences. It is a school for people who wish to learn Source Healing.

If you are involved in a close relationship or subject to the control of other people, please discuss with them your intention to join the course.

Your joining the course may have serious, adverse repercussions on control-minded people and cause them to react irrationally and violently towards you.

In such a case, it is best for you to focus your energy on gaining control over your life first and then revisit the desire to learn Source Healing.

We reserve the right to decline applications, terminate memberships and to withdraw access to lessons without notice.


The Source Healing Course is not a Social Club, it is a place of learning and of “doing”.

You will be required to …

  • Start studying the course within 3 days of joining.  To preserve resources the system is set to automatically delete inactive members.
  • Dedicate 30 minutes each day to the assignments by posting your assignments and participating in the online activities.
  • Every day attend to at least one request for distant healing. These are posted daily on a dedicated page.  Please do not apply unless you are certain that you are willing and able to do so.

I want to make sure that my resources are used to support those people who are willing and able to make a difference.


Are you interested in studying the Source Healing Course?

The course is currently full, but as new resources and vacancies become available I will be eager to take on new students.  Admission is free and is available by invitation only.




Remember, If you have doubts that Source Healing may not be for you–please do not apply.


Start your Self-Healing journey right now

Whether you are ready to learn Source Healing or not, do begin your self-healing journey by using the free tips I offer on the self-healing tips page.  These tips and tools are available to you right now.  No login is necessary.

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