Distant Healing by Source Healing

distant healing by source healing

Distant Healing by Source Healing

I have included below a detailed list of the benefits reported and also the various applications of the distant healing offered by Source Healing.

Healing of incurable physical diseases.

Healing of incurable physical diseases.

Improving mental and behavioural conditions.

Improving mental and behavioural conditions.

Improving performance

Personal and team performance enhancing (highly recommended for coaches and personal trainers).

Heightened creativity and artistic performance

Heightened creativity and artistic performance.

Heal Pets

Heal Pets (animals respond with amazing readiness).

peace and harmony

Promoting peace and harmony
in your immediate environment
and possibly in your city, country and the Planet.

Distant healing

Distant healing
This new and powerful technique works through consciousness which has no time or space limitations.

Energising plants

Energising plants, trees
and the vegetable kingdom.

Removing fear

Removing fear from your life.
If the devil existed, fear would be his greatest weapon.  Fear causes total loss of power.

Recovering from addictions

Recovering from addictions
and removing negative influences; every parent’s nightmare, and the cause of all addictions.

Dealing with workplace stress

Solving business problems.
Improving career opportunities, prosperity and abundance
Dealing with workplace stress.

Healing loneliness

Healing loneliness; how to make friends and improve relationships.


Overcome chronic fatigue syndrome

Overcome chronic fatigue syndrome, restore vibrant energy, renew enthusiasm and zest for life.


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I updated this distant healing on the 24 September 2019.