how to self heal self-healing information self-healing tips

How to self heal, self-healing information and self-healing tips

How to self heal

Here is some information that will explain the self-healing process. 

This type of healing takes place at a level that is not limited by time or space. 

From past experiences, we know that the moment you place your request for healing, Higher Intelligence lovingly responds.


What you can do to start your self-healing process right now!

Whether you are spontaneously healed as a result of Divine healing or healed by a physician, it is all self-healing.   

By “Divine”, I am not referring to the “cranky old man with a white beard sitting on a cloud waiting to smite everything he has created”.   

That neurotic character is a fictional invention created by organised religions for the purpose of controlling the masses.  

I am referring to the life-giving Higher Intelligence that is within you, and in all that is.

We do not understand this “Higher Intelligence”, but we can clearly see that it is benevolent towards us. 

If you are in any doubt about the intentions of this Higher Intelligence, take a look at the immense beauty of Mother Earth and at the technical and engineering perfection of creation all around you. 

The very fact that you stumbled on this site is also no coincidence.  There are millions of sites that deal with healing and self-healing and you found this one!

Pay attention to the following paragraphs.  I firmly believe that the answer to your healing is on this page.


Step 1:  Watch the Healing Prayer video at 8 pm every night (your time), or before retiring. 

You can download a copy of the Healing Prayer video at Thereisaway



Step 2: The Source Healing Call

More information and download 



The Energy Healing Source Call is the latest addition to the Source Healing Tools for healing and well-being.

Fear, loss of hope, regret and guilt are toxic energies that cause disease and suffering.  The Source Healing Call is the remedy.

This chant causes you to align with Higher Intelligence within you and helps you in allowing the power of creation to come to your aid. 

The Source Healing Call has caused miraculous events to take place in my life and the lives of many other people.  Use it whenever you sense a weakening thought (fear, anger, resentment, guilt, etc).

You may also hum the chant in your mind during your daily activities and especially when dealing with challenges. 


Step 3: Drop all feelings of guilt and self-judgment

If you have done something, (or are doing something) that you are not proud of–drop all feelings of guilt about it.

Guilt is a destructive force which causes the body to go into self-destruct mode. 

Life is “a work in progress”.  Life is a classroom, not a courtroom.  For now please drop all guilt and self-judgment. 

This Ho’oponopono Cleaning Meditation may help you ease your way out of the destructive and weakening energy of guilt.

Ho’oponopono Download



Step 4: Drop all feelings of resentment against others

Holding destructive thoughts and feelings of anger, resentment, hate, judgment, sarcasm and all other similar energies will cause your body to become toxic.

I am not asking you to “forgive” anyone.  I am asking you to “drop” the entire issue from your system.

Realise that the people who harmed you no longer have any power over you. 

By holding on to those destructive energies, you are not hurting them, you are hurting yourself by poisoning your body and your life.

This video will help alleviate the effects of abuse and may assist in rebuilding your confidence and self-esteem.

Download and more information



Step 5: Reach out for people, audios, videos and any other media that lift your spirit

If you are experiencing an illness, an emotional trauma, or a financial challenge, the last thing you want to do is to get into depression.  Depression causes you to surrender your powers to the negative situation. 

The more depressed you get, the more attention you are giving to the negative event.  The more attention you give to the negative event the more you energise it. 

There is a consensus among both traditional psychotherapists and alternative healers that depression does not serve anyone.

Avoid people who relish being overly sympathetic and in constantly reminding you of how unfortunate you are.

Seek people who are empathetic, positive and encouraging. 

Avoid watching movies and TV shows that are depressing.

Look for humorous shows, uplifting documentaries and inspiring programs.

Read self-help books, scriptures or spiritual material that provide you with tools and processes that empower you. You will find many useful and free tools at 


Step 6:  Try the Reboot Your Brain Process

Learn more about the reboot your brain process


Step 7:  Correct Breathing

Learn more about correct breathing

It is common for traumatized people and people under stress and duress to hold their breath.

This is a highly damaging habit which, if left unchecked, greatly inhibits the healing process, and starves the body and the brain of oxygen.

The following tool helps people regain their flow energy that can nourish the soul and the Inner Self, and fills the body with vitality and strength.

So here is how you retrain your body to breathe correctly.  You could notice immediate results after the first 7 applications.

You can do this whenever you catch yourself holding your breath.  I absolutely love this process and do it often.

Before going to sleep at night and as soon as you wake up in the morning:

  • Centre yourself by placing all your thoughts and attention in the centre of your brain (and away from the front part of your brain–where your ego lives and works its mischievous acts).
  • Pull your stomach back toward the spine (gently, this is not a body-building exercise).  This will cause you to exhale.
  • Release the muscle.
  • Inhale gently and smoothly.  As air naturally enters your body think, “Thank you, Father, for my healing!”.
  • Do not force the breath by raising your shoulders.  If you simply allow the breath to come in, it will automatically go where it should.

And remember Every day in every way you are now getting better and better.  🙂  

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